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The Manic Depressive Work of Writing Fiction

Hello All.

       So, writing....I really need to talk about writing at the moment. Why? because I seem to not be able to. Well obviously I can because I'm writing this but that's of course not the same as writing fiction. In fact, it's nothing like writing fiction, nothing at all. Fiction is such an interesting, difficult, horrible and extremely challenging thing to do at times. But damn is it addictive.
       Whenever anyone asks what I do, I ususaly say I'm a writer, but of course that means I'm a masochistic addict to the written word. weather that be poetry,  prose, newspapers or even blogs. I am an honest to god addict of words. I have something like 60 books on my Goodreads "to read" list and am finding more and more great looking books each day. Though, of course, that doesn't translate to me writing as much as I read. No, unfortunately I'm a fairly slow writer; at least when it comes to writing and finishing a story that is.

Why is this Here, and What am I Looking At?

As one Mister Pugmire showed me, blogging can be fun! So, following in his footsteps and those of a friend of mine on Google+, I'm here and sharing the news of my odd life with you all.  Well, at least as many of you who want to read this that is.

          I'm a writer, currently not making any money off of that but a writer I still am. If you know me on Google+ or Ficitonpress---which I doubt---then you know what kind of writer I am. If, in the more likely case you don't know what kind of a writer I am, I don't really know! I write horror like the fine men in that picture up there, but I also write science fiction, fantasy, sword and sorcery.....ish stuff. So I don't really know what "kind" of a writer I am. 
         Though, of course, none of that matters here. This is not a place where I will be posting any of my writings. No, this will be a place for me to get nerdy as well as bookish and maybe even a little crazy if it comes to that. Basically, I&…