The Manic Depressive Work of Writing Fiction

Hello All.

       So, writing....I really need to talk about writing at the moment. Why? because I seem to not be able to. Well obviously I can because I'm writing this but that's of course not the same as writing fiction. In fact, it's nothing like writing fiction, nothing at all. Fiction is such an interesting, difficult, horrible and extremely challenging thing to do at times. But damn is it addictive.
       Whenever anyone asks what I do, I ususaly say I'm a writer, but of course that means I'm a masochistic addict to the written word. weather that be poetry,  prose, newspapers or even blogs. I am an honest to god addict of words. I have something like 60 books on my Goodreads "to read" list and am finding more and more great looking books each day. Though, of course, that doesn't translate to me writing as much as I read. No, unfortunately I'm a fairly slow writer; at least when it comes to writing and finishing a story that is.
            I wish I could write like some people. I wish I could sit in my seat for seven hours and bang out a few hundred pages of a novel. I wish I could be alone while I write, to have a door that locks and shut the world out for a few hours in my madness. I wish I could focus on just one story at a time. That most of all. 
 I wish I were like this man.

          Though, sadly, I'm not. I write very slowly and I tend to jump from story to story at an amazing pace. That, and I can't keep a damn schedule. On good days I'll write for five hours and then pass out, on bad days I'll write for maybe an hour, usually less. Though of course, there are those days where I sleep all day because of an obsessive night or I have to see this doctor or that. It's very annoying.

         Though, no matter how much or how little I write that day, I always, non-stop, think about writing. It's a constant thing that haunts me day and night with whisperings in my ear.
          Oh this'll make a good story. Wow look at that guy! he looks just like this character you made yesterday. You remember him? No? Well let me remind  you! Hows that novel going? You remember that novel? Hows that coming? I don't remember seeing you writing that novel for awhile, why's that?
           Ya know what I mean?
            Sometimes I'll feel ecstatic about a story I'm writing, and at other times---usually when a story is much better than some of my others---I feel tortured by it. Each line seems to creep along the page at a word an hour. I can't stand it sometimes.
            Well, I think that's about all I need to say. Thank you for listening my little boys and girls. You're so nice.
            Till next I may hold you.


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