Why is this Here, and What am I Looking At?

As one Mister Pugmire showed me, blogging can be fun! So, following in his footsteps and those of a friend of mine on Google+, I'm here and sharing the news of my odd life with you all.  Well, at least as many of you who want to read this that is.

          I'm a writer, currently not making any money off of that but a writer I still am. If you know me on Google+ or Ficitonpress---which I doubt---then you know what kind of writer I am. If, in the more likely case you don't know what kind of a writer I am, I don't really know! I write horror like the fine men in that picture up there, but I also write science fiction, fantasy, sword and sorcery.....ish stuff. So I don't really know what "kind" of a writer I am. 
         Though, of course, none of that matters here. This is not a place where I will be posting any of my writings. No, this will be a place for me to get nerdy as well as bookish and maybe even a little crazy if it comes to that. Basically, I'm going to use this as a form of free---I hope I don't know too much about blogger---kind of therapy. As well as a way for people, perhaps even fans, to get to know me.
         So with that said, welcome to my embracing hands. won't you stay awhile?


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