Dune and My Love of Frank Herbert

Hello All.

Frank Herbert himself.
Ah, mister Herbert, how I admire you. The maker of Dune, the mover of shifting sands on a melange rich planet where dwells the nomadic Fremen and their great god emperor Muad'dib, the kwisatz haderach, and the Maudi of legend.
     If you can't tell, I love the Dune series, and Frank Herbert's work in general. He's very much like H.P. Lovecraft for me. A man whose work and life amazes me to no extent. the Dune series, if you've been living under a rock for most of your life, is one of the bestselling science-fiction series of all time. It's a very spiritually and environmentally concerned book series that's chalk full of intrigue, amazing characters, interesting and original ideas and a deep and enthralling world. The influence of his can be seen many other science-fiction series such as Star Wars, with the planet Tatooine,
the Fallout video game series, with it's drug known as Mentats---a direct reference to the human computers in the Dune universe---and many more.
       His writing is amazing deep and incredibly descriptive when it comes to the characters and their mental states. He seemed to have focused on the world building and characters rather than trying to show interesting technologies as most sci-fi books love to do.
       This world, where humanity seems to have control of most, if not all the galaxy, and computers have been outlawed after a great war with "thinking machines" as they're called nearly destroyed human life. After that, humanity turned to developing their mental capabilities rather than technologies. this gave rise to such people as the Mentats, humans capable of computer level calculation. True oracles able to see deep into the many possible futures and even people who are able to change their body like a shape-shiftier.
        With this focus on the mind, they found an interesting chemical on a barren planet known as Arrakis, or, it's more common name, Dune. This chemical, which they named Melange, was a geriatric spice that was able to prolong the life of those that took it, as well as give it's user enhanced mental abilities, but, leaving it's user severely addicted and it even changes your body. First your eyes become blue within blue orbs, and later, if you take too much of it, you might become something not particularly human.
        This spice became so essential to the galactic empire that society came to dependent on it. Without it, the Spacer Guild navigators couldn't see through the future to plot the best route, the Mentats couldn't make their complex calculations and galactic civilization would grind to a hold. This is rather bad, seeing as how the Spice can only be found on that single planet of Arrakis. It also makes anyone who owns that planet the most powerful person in the galaxy. Because, as the saying goes; The spice must flow.

        This series is one of the greatest achievements in human imagination, and is essential reading for anyone, in my opinion. It has greatly influenced how I write and what I write about. I hope you'll take a look at this series, and if you already have, let me know. I love Dune to death, and I want to talk about it with you.
         Love you all, and remember; Fear is the mind killer.

Thank you.

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