Quartet-Four Poems

Hello all.

I'm not sure if anyone is interested but here's a few poems.

                                         Shut it out

Shut out the fear
The hate
The worry
And the pain.
Shut out the anger
And let in the profane.
Let in the death
Let in the hurt
The suffering and the pity.

Cause that’s all you have;
Just you and your furies.


Is a demon.
A little monster that haunts the useless in the night.
That stalks the faithful
And abhors the creator,
So that there is no rest,
No caring and no light.


Pitiful dirges sing in the cool night air,
Where dead men walk and living no fear,
Where old things stur in older chambers
And hate the living with their fear;
With their pity.


I shall not fear,
Fear is the mind killer,
Fear is the little shit that beats at a boy when he’s already terrified.
Fear is a mind reader
A god among men.
It is a hearty little beast with no master but it’s own pleasure;
It’s own cock.
It’s a hungry little thing that can’t get enough,
Till you’re lying on the floor too scared to even move.

I shall not fear,
Fear is the mind killer.
Fear is nothing but loathing;
And loathing is myself.
So I can face fear.

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