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Writing and Reading

Hello all, I'm back!

Once again I'm going to talk about writing, this time in a new and exciting location. I moved recently and haven't been able to write that much because I couldn't get my computer set up and running. But now I'm back and I'm going to get back into the inconsistent swing of things.
     Well, that said, let's talk.

      I've been thinking about writing recently. As well as reading and the correlation between the two. Most, if not all writers are avid, or, more often, fanatic readers. Most people who read books tend to write as well, same thing with visual art; not all, but a lot of people who enjoy art tend to draw or practice at least a casual bit of creation. Inspiration, if you like that word, helps and encourages all artists, no matter what the field they work in and I am no exception to this rule.
      I was first "inspired" by a work of fiction when I was nine or so, wandering around my grandmother's rather larg…



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