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Hello all, I'm back!

Once again I'm going to talk about writing, this time in a new and exciting location. I moved recently and haven't been able to write that much because I couldn't get my computer set up and running. But now I'm back and I'm going to get back into the inconsistent swing of things.
     Well, that said, let's talk.

      I've been thinking about writing recently. As well as reading and the correlation between the two. Most, if not all writers are avid, or, more often, fanatic readers. Most people who read books tend to write as well, same thing with visual art; not all, but a lot of people who enjoy art tend to draw or practice at least a casual bit of creation. Inspiration, if you like that word, helps and encourages all artists, no matter what the field they work in and I am no exception to this rule.
      I was first "inspired" by a work of fiction when I was nine or so, wandering around my grandmother's rather large library looking for something to do while my brother and sister played without me, I found a little book called Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Treasury, an anthology of exceptional science fiction from Fredrick Phol to an early story by George R.R. Martin called The Second Kind of Loneliness. I read a story called The Final Question then. It was the only one in that anthology written by Asimov himself and it was my first experience with the science fiction genre.
      Guess what I was doing for a few weeks after that.
       Too many terrible science fiction stories came out of me then. Too many half done space voyages and unexpected alien visitations along with friendly robots fighting evil robots and some others I don't even want to remember.
       The short version is that I suddenly fell in love with the science fiction genre then the same way I fell in love with fantasy after reading The Hobbit. From then on came many others that kept feeding my interest in reading and soon to be obsession with writing.
        But I wasn't really that into it.
        I read as much as I could and wrote a few hundred stories that had a meeting with the trash bin but I wasn't serious about it as I am now. That is, until I read something called The Whisperer in Darkness by a man named H.P. Lovecraft.

Howard Philips ( H.P.) Lovecraft
        This man, this story, this writing. I fell in love the moment I saw it. I fell in love with the darkness, I wanted to be part of it, wanted it to be a part of me. And so I read everything I could find about him and his work, talked about him and learned as much as I could. He is my favorite writer so far and I've read his works more times than I can remember. He gave my writing a darker, more serious tone even then. And now that tone still remains strong as ever. And, since I read his work, I've gotten more and more serious about my art. I don't know why to be honest but I appreciate it.
        Now, once again, being a fanboy at that time I tried to write some Lovecraft-esque stories for awhile.
        They were awful. I will never publish them and I most likely have destroyed some of them in my sleep if there's any sense in me.
         But hay, they did teach me how not to write and, like any writing; it was good practice.
         Practice is another thing I have to mention.
         For some reason the general consensus when it comes to any form of art and it's creation is that someone needs only to have a certain amount of some magical thing called talent and they'll be fine and successful. Forgetting---or perhaps ignoring---the fact that artists, whatever the form, practice their art and learn about their art all their lives. That if you were to look at an artist's older work, no matter how much "talent" that person has, you'll see that they were shit. That they couldn't make a circle right, let alone the human form. It was only by constant practice and study did they become good at their art.
        In short, talent is a fantasy that has nothing to do with art or artists.

Unfortunately that's all I can think of right now. Good to write here again, I'll be doing this a bit more often now. So watch out.
 Thanks for reading.

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