On Insomnia: 1

Hello All.

It's 3:31 as of the time of writing and I can't sleep.
     If you know me, you'd know that this isn't an uncommon condition of mine. In fact I spend most nights awake, at my keyboard writing or watching Dexter or Star Trek just to pass the time till I either pass out, or spend the rest of the day tired and angry---a state of mind I am not usually known for.
      Insomnia is a condition that I've been fighting a loosing battle with most of my life. One of my earliest memories is of sitting up in my bed at night, staring out the window and wondering what might be out there. I started out that window what seemed like ages. Cold, unable to think or relax. And soon, the cool, terrifying darkness of the night was replaced by the warm, comforting light of day.
      To wit I promptly collapsed, and apparently slept nearly all day.
      Many of my favorite stories were either inspired by, or written under the influence of insomnia.
Stories like: Joy, Where Misty Towers Haunt and most of my poetry were all concocted while sleepless.     Sleepless in Tustin. Doesn't sound too interesting now does it?

      Today, on a happier note, I've finished one mammoth of a book: Stephen King's The Stand. 
      Great book, a little dull at times and some of the scenes seemed a bit unnecessary. The characters on the other hand, were amazing. Not all of them mind you, but the majority of them were interesting and well worth the 1.000 page count in my opinion.

        Anywhale, my eyes are heavy, my mind is full of terrors and I think my bed is calling me. Calling me to lay there and do nothing for three hours. Yay!
        Please excuse the shortness of this one, I'm planning on writing a post every other day---if I can remember to. Either way it was a nice little chat.

         Till next I may hold you.


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