Writing Styles and Genres

Hello All

The most common question anyone asks when I tell them that I'm a writer is, always, "what kind of writer are you?" a vague and often annoying question that is usually given a vague, often annoying answer. Usually, "I have no idea." And then they just look at me.
      Not very nice to be honest.
      But I don't mind. What I do mind is having to categorize and choose out of the many things and styles which I write about that exemplifies what it is I do as a writer. In the words of Harlen Ellison. "I'm not a science fiction writer, I'm not a fantasy writer, I'm a writer writer. That's it." and, in the words of Stephen King. "People are going to call you what they call you." a very true statement in my opinion and one that I think people should pay more attention to.
     That does beg the question: what is my genre?
     What is it that I will be most recognized for? Will it be the many horror stories I write or the fantasy? Will it be the wan poetry I create or the nightmarish dreamscapes and prose poems?
       Is Valarie Moore true in saying "Dark is what I do"? Does that mean that I can't, or won't be recognized for anything but my delvings into the macabre? Is that a good thing, or a bad one? And, most of all, is so called "pigeonhole-ing" a good thing?

What do you think?
Do you think I'm good at a particular style?
What do you think people recognize you for?
Let me know.

Till next I may hold you.


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