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Lack of Focus - Also Upcoming Events and Interesting Stuff

Hello all

I've  been having a hard time focusing on writing recently. That goes for both my blog posts and anything else I've been working on. Can't really find the reason why, to be honest. It might be all the damn shows and books I'm watching and reading; it might be the fact that my current workspace isn't the most....ideal let's say. Whatever the reason, the fact is that I can't focus on work as well as I could before.

I'm working on it though and there will be a few posts here in perhaps the next few days. I held a poll on Google+ asking you guys what you'd like me to talk about on here and in the end, you guys chose for me talk about Creepypasta. So look out for that if you're interested.

Other than that I don't really have much to complain about. I recently hit eighty-one followers on google+ so that's interesting I guess. Anyway here's some links to some things I found interesting.



A Great Site For Medieval Study

Hello all

Check this great site out if you want to learn more about medieval life, history and customs. It is indispensable for fantasy writers or people interested in the medieval world. I adore this site.

Till next I may hold you.

The Feudal Hierarchy

Hello all

 Just a helpful reminder for fantasy writers or people studying medieval history and politics. (a bit too colorful for my tastes and it doesn't show the influence of the Church, but it helps.)

And here are a few articles about the subject.

Armor and It's Names for Fantasy Writers

Hello all

I wanted to make this post for writers, such as myself, who can become confused at what the names of certain parts and components that make up armor as a whole.

Hope this helps.

This drawing illustrates a fully mailed and plate armored knight atop a similarly armored stallion. While this type of armor wasn't as common as say a suit of chainmail, a vest of boiled leather and a metal helmet as most bannermen, mercenaries, yeomen and even most knights would generally wear; it is the most well known form of armor due to fantasy novels, films and video games.
    This armor type, though essential for cavalrymen, lancers and knights or noblemen participating in tournaments that featured such sports as the mĂȘlĂ© or the famous joust; is not very useful in the field of combat. With the heavy plate metal around the shoulders, neck, groin, knees and elbows it would be very difficult for anyone to move about efficiently while wearing this. One would be able to hoist a lance as far as…

Night Mind.

Hello all.

Congratulations Nick! Night Mind is one of my favorite Youtube channels and one of the few that I eagerly wait for each beautifully made video.

If you like horror or scary things in general you can't go wrong with ol' Nick Nocturne's great videos and deep, terrifying at times voice. I can't recommend it enough. I've literally loved every video this man has made.

Check him out.

Also don't forget to check his Tumbler often. You never know what you might find on there. And hey, why not ask the man a question while you're at it?

It's right here.