Armor and It's Names for Fantasy Writers

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I wanted to make this post for writers, such as myself, who can become confused at what the names of certain parts and components that make up armor as a whole.

Hope this helps.

This drawing illustrates a fully mailed and plate armored knight atop a similarly armored stallion. While this type of armor wasn't as common as say a suit of chainmail, a vest of boiled leather and a metal helmet as most bannermen, mercenaries, yeomen and even most knights would generally wear; it is the most well known form of armor due to fantasy novels, films and video games.
    This armor type, though essential for cavalrymen, lancers and knights or noblemen participating in tournaments that featured such sports as the mĂȘlĂ© or the famous joust; is not very useful in the field of combat. With the heavy plate metal around the shoulders, neck, groin, knees and elbows it would be very difficult for anyone to move about efficiently while wearing this. One would be able to hoist a lance as far as the cradle of one's shoulder but other than that one would have a very difficult time achieving anything more physically demanding.

This next drawing illustrates a warrior wearing what would generally be worn by an ordinary member of the military class such as those listed above. (yeoman, mercenaries, bannermen etc.) Notice the lack of the heavy plate, the simplistic design and layout and the all around functionality of this suit as opposed to the one shown above.

I hope this helps some people. If not, maybe you learned something interesting. about medieval armaments.


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