Lack of Focus - Also Upcoming Events and Interesting Stuff

Hello all

I've  been having a hard time focusing on writing recently. That goes for both my blog posts and anything else I've been working on. Can't really find the reason why, to be honest. It might be all the damn shows and books I'm watching and reading; it might be the fact that my current workspace isn't the most....ideal let's say. Whatever the reason, the fact is that I can't focus on work as well as I could before.

I'm working on it though and there will be a few posts here in perhaps the next few days. I held a poll on Google+ asking you guys what you'd like me to talk about on here and in the end, you guys chose for me talk about Creepypasta. So look out for that if you're interested.

Other than that I don't really have much to complain about. I recently hit eighty-one followers on google+ so that's interesting I guess. Anyway here's some links to some things I found interesting.



One of my favorite Youtube channels. Check it out if you're into pulp-fiction.

An interview with Christopher Paul Carey about his book Hadon, King of Opar.

Lovecraft and the Collins family? Why not?

The website I usually listen to while I write.

And lastly, another channel that takes up a lot of time I should be spending writing.

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