The Trance

Hello all

Stephen King once said writing was, "Self hypnosis." a sentiment I can attest to. When I write---I say "I" because I can't speak for everyone---especially if I have been going about it for a while, I fall into a kind of trance. My mind goes blank, my eyes grow heavy and my hands flit across the keyboard or notebook almost by themselves. I see only the page. I can feel the world and hear the characters I'm writing about. Smell what they smell, see what they see and be how they are. They become the only thing I can perceive for, I hope at least, a few hours.

And, when I wake from it, I feel like refreshed and weightless for a while. It's a feeling that's even harder for me to explain than the trance itself. I just feel...good. No other words for it really.

The only bad part about this phenomenon of mine is that, after the trance is done and I read my work over, I have to chisel out what I need from the story for probably a few hours. But, in the end, I usually end up with an at least decent rag---if I'm lucky.

Have you experienced the same? Let me know.

Till next I may hold you.

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