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Talent and Why We Bought a Lie.


Have you ever met a nine year old who could paint a beautiful landscape? No?

Have you ever met a three year old who could write a twenty-seven thousand word novel? Hmm, strange.

What about a ten year old who could sculpt The David? Or sing an aria? Weird isn't it?

Isn't it strange that people believe in the concept that certain individuals are drawn to certain actions and are good at them because of some inherent thing called 'talent' even though there has never been an infant that could do any of these things from birth? Isn't that strange?

Personally I think the concept of talent is just a way that humans put themselves down and convince themselves that they just aren't good enough.

I'm sure you've had this thought before: "I think I can do 'x'! But, oh no, I'm just not that talented." Do you think that was a real, credible thought which you made, or just an excuse your brain uses to make sure you don't do something tha…