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So, in the world of Warhammer 40K, a sci-fi universe, there's a group called the Adeptus Mechanicus which are basically tech-worshiping cultists that are dedicated to the preservation and gathering of technology and knowledge. They consider human and organic life to be naturally inferior to technology and mechanical creations, they go so far as to replace organs and parts of their bodies with machine and tech parts to better understand the technological world and the workings of things like computers. Their leader is basically no longer human, only having a human heart and brain, as far as I can figure. They also use modified and lobotomized humans as slaves and test subjects if need be.

One of the main objectives of this cult is the preservation of ancient technology---in this world that means anything from a toaster or computer to massive mechs, spaceships, laser death rays, teleporters and other kinds of hulking warmachines---a goal they take completely seriously…