Writing Fanfiction - Something I never thought I'd do

Some months ago I couldn't write anything. For a long time it felt like I was utterly useless. When I could write all that came out was pitiful little sentences barely worth the pleasure of being destroyed. It wasn't long into this little affair with writer's block that I started to write a little Fallout fanfiction story to pass the time. Now I have nothing wrong with fanfiction, in fact many of my dearest friends write fanfiction and do a damn good job at it, I was just never that into fanfiction. Never read it much, never took much interest in them.

Most, as I'm sure you're aware, aren't the best when it comes to grammar, plot, character, or simple set-pieces, and I was never interested in a hundred stories about this person falling in love with this man etc. etc. So when I started to write this little story I knew what I didn't want it to be and I had a vague idea of what I did. In the end I found I really enjoyed writing it, it's a fun story, it's fun to play with the motifs that I love from the series and do my own thing that could work in the world. I'm still enjoying writing it. It takes my mind off the more depressing and long things I'm currently working on. And even though there are some mistakes in spelling and this and that that I wish I should probably change, for some reason I want to leave it as it is and just work on the next installment.

Anyway, here's the shameless self-promotion part.

If you'd like to read it

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day.


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