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Worldbuilding exercise

This is the first part of a worldbuilding exercise I've been working on for a few days. I'm not sure if I'm going to use it right now. I'm going to call it the Human Universe.

Hereafter is several brief excerpts from Hoddi Abdullah ibn-Rashari's exhoustive work, "A Complete History of Mankind" volume 5 The Stars; from the First Exodus to the Signing of the Great Charter. published by the Ma'mun press with permission of the noble Dar al-Hikma on Renaissance in the year 7018 A.C. The First Exodus The first two millennia of human expansion and stellar colonization (from about the year 2097 C.E. to roughly 4000, according to traditional dating) was for the most part a slow and agonizing process of massive, generation ships carrying vast scores of people into unknown land. The reason for this first wave of exploration was for mostly humanitarian and scientific reasons. The people aboard were all volunteers and had been extensively trained and prep…