So this is a strange and amazing thing.

I'm going to be published.

After years of working and sending out my work to magazines, I'm going to be published. I learned about this on the first and have been trying to sort of, come to terms with this fact since. But it's real. It's happening. I'm going to be published. It really feels unreal. Like some kind of great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I mean, really, this is the first time a lot of people are going to seeing my work---hopefully enjoying it, of course---and the first time I'm going to be paid for my work. It feels insane. Like I've just taken crazy pills. Like the world is upside down and suddenly all this shit is starting to go right for me. And, while I know that that's a leap simply because I'm getting a story published, I don't know, I just feel like this is really important. Like I need to remember that and keep it close.

I've done it.

I finally did it.

I feel crazy just writing that but it's true. I finally did it.

(Pause for effect) Well shit.


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